The company started up as TIPOGRAFIA BOARO during the late nineteenth century.

The nobleman, Paolo Camerini – a large landowner in Piazzola sul Brenta in the Venetia area – decided to embark on a unique experiment in the industrialization. He therefore decided that, alongside to important industrial activities such as the spinning mill, jute mill, brickyard and so forth, there should also be a printing business capable of meeting the needs of these sectors while also contributing to the area’s development.

The earliest document found, is a printed document of 1897 (from the printing works archive), attesting the company’s existence at that time.

During the interwar years, and despite the hardships and the turmoil of the period, the printing works forged ahead and provided essential back-up to the local business community. After World War II, the company contributed to the post-war economic recovery of the area.

Leopoldo Franch took over in the early 1960’s and changed the company name’s into TIPOLITO FRANCH. This was a period of considerable development, while organisationally strong, the company was still crafts-based. It was during this period that the company laid down the foundations for its future operations as an important industrial player.

The name, PAPERGRAF, was coined in the 1985’s, during the period in which the company passed into the current generation of the Franch family. The company moved into the book production field and evolved into a fully fledged industrial concern.

Papergraf has now added “printed by” pay-off to its logo, denoting its ongoing commitment to the production of top quality goods bearing the corporate mark. Thus the company takes on full responsabilities for its products, providing added value through inclusion of its own brand.